Pet Photography | Columbus, OH


The picture below was inspired by a scene from the movie Harold and Maude

by Eunice Montenegro, pet photographer, Columbus Oh

loved this pet session so much! My friend Darla always loved the movie Harold and Maude and wanted to have a picture with her and her dog inspired on a scene from it. I have watched the movie as a kid and really enjoyed it as well, so the project was really fun. After we shot the requested picture I captured some images of her pets hanging out, being curious and most of all being just adorable. I really enjoy shooting pets and their guardians. I adore seeing how they interact and how humans and pets have such a deep loving relationships. All of Darla’s pet companions are rescued and they are so very loved! The pug Camus has been in the family for a while and Ren the intense looking chihuahua mix just arrived.  I was grateful that Cougar (the gray cat) and Johnny Cash (the black cat) posed so beautifully behind the screen door and allowed me to snap one of my favorite shots ever!



Darla - October 7, 2014 - 7:42 pm

Thank you so much, Eunice! It was lovely of you to photograph all my pets – we are so happy to have these beautiful photos for posterity. And thanks also for humoring me in my crazy idea and helping me make that little homage to my favorite movie. These are wonderful!

admin - October 7, 2014 - 8:02 pm

My pleasure Darla!!!!