Engagement Session | Pets Included

By Eunice Montenegro, wedding photographer, Columbus OH

If you have the cutest goldendoddle in the whole world you have to bring her for your engagement session! I had the pleasure of hanging out with Andie and Thomas before their fabulous wedding to take some portraits of them and their dog Winnie. It was awesome seeing their little family together and to watch how much those pet parents are in love with her and each other. Winnie is  adorable and she fits right in with this amazing couple. I’m sure those pictures will be in their wall soon !

Brian Kellogg - October 17, 2016 - 5:22 pm

Nice engagement session and you got some great photos with that dog!

admin - October 17, 2016 - 9:22 pm

Thank you Brian! It was a fun day!

Campsite fun | Destination Wedding

By Eunice Montenegro, Wedding Photographer, Columbus, OH

Shay and Travis had the most amazing wedding celebration! They are the sweetest couple and have the most amazing friends and loving families. It was such pleasure to be with them for a weekend of partying and to be their photographer for one of the coolest weddings I’ve ever seen. I will post the making of this wedding in the  future showing how all their friends and family came together  and worked side by side to make this awesome wedding happen. There was a lot of partying too and it  was super fun! But back to the wedding day: It was a full day affair, but because all the events happened at Camp Kindle we were able to cover everything.  I had a blast on this getting ready as the grooms have a tradition to showering together!  Well, they invited me in and I couldn’t say no to a wedding party group shower, could I? It was really hilarious!

The camp was beautiful and the little rain didn’t spoil the first look.  It worth mentioning that I was reluctant to do a first look in the rain. Most brides don’t want to get wet for the ceremony. But Shay wasn’t an average bride, she was  trooper and said: “I don’t care if I get wet before the ceremony, I just care to see Travis”. So we did the first look with some light rain and it was the cutest first look ever. Travis’ tears said a lot and warmed my heart for sure. This wedding party was really fun to pose and they were super creative and up to everything. There were so many happy tears and lovely moments during the ceremony. The reception was just a bombastic party where everybody enjoyed and danced their heads off! I can keep talking here, but I really want to show the pictures! Ah, and all proceeds from  beverages consumed during the reception were donated to Camp Kindle to benefit kids battling cancer. So yes this was really a treat!!! A big thank you to my love Al who helped me so much with this wedding. You rock that light stick my darling! Shay and Travis you guys rocked my world and I wish you and your lovely friends and family all the happiness!

Engagement | Park of Roses

By Eunice Montenegro, Wedding Photographer, Columbus, Oh

Summer evenings are  beautiful in Columbus and I was so happy to spend one photographing Mandy and Thomas’ engagement session! The light was gorgeous and I had fun hanging out with this great couple at Whetstone Park of Roses.  The place was vibrant  with all summer colors,  sports tournaments and pokemon go players! Mandy and Thomas braved the heat and were so amazing to work with. Those two are not strangers to the cameras as they met on the fashion runaway.  They are definitely beautiful people inside and out. I love how intelligent and sweet Mandy is and how Thomas looks at her is just so romantic! I can’t wait to photograph their backyard wedding in October!

Jefferson Golf & Country Club | Wedding

Karen’s image above

Karen’s image above

Karen’s image above

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Karen’s image above

Karen’s image above

Karen’s image above

By Eunice Montenegro, Wedding Photographer, Columbus, Ohio

Katelyn and John had the most wonderful wedding at the Jefferson Golf & Country Club and their day couldn’t be more perfect. The day was beautiful and sunny and this couple were so happy to be celebrating their love with their family and friends. Katelyn was really beautiful and such a relaxed bride. They decided to not have a first look, instead they wished each other good luck before the ceremony holding hands in one of the dressing rooms, so romantic and cute! I can’t talk about cute without mentioning their adorable son Colden who is such a darling, even for the formal portraits! Everything worked so well, we went around the golf course for portraits after the ceremony and the reception was super fun. The highlight of the night was when Katelyn sang Sweet Child O’Mine, from Guns and Roses! She did a great job and the everybody was just rocking the dance floor! We also did some portraits during sunset, my favorite time to snap some shots!  I was so pleased to photograph  this wedding side by side  with my friend and fabulous photojournalist Karen Evans, she helped me tell this wedding story as it was : gorgeous!  This event was so flawless thanks to  the bride and her bridesmaid Natasha who are also amazing wedding planners. Their company Perfectly Planned Weddings and Events is awesome and if you are looking to have  the prettiest wedding ever please give them a call!  I really love weddings like this where all the events happen on the same location because we can spend more time taking pictures instead of driving around. Congratulations Katelyn, John and Colden, you guys are a stunning loving family and I wish you so much happiness!

Love is Love | Featured on Fearless

LGTB marriageI’m so glad to share this image featured on Fearless Photographers gallery Bride+Bride . This image from Jessica and Lauren’s wedding was captured on Goodale Park in Columbus and I was a happy second shooter for my friend Karen Evans that day. The light was right and the trees and foliage were perfect to create  a super pretty bokeh! Thank you Fearless for supporting LGTB weddings and for featuring my picture! LOVE IS LOVE!!!! See more images from this wedding here!