Campsite fun | Destination Wedding


By Eunice Montenegro, Wedding Photographer, Columbus, OH

Shay and Travis had the most amazing wedding celebration! They are the sweetest couple and have the most amazing friends and loving families. It was such pleasure to be with them for a weekend of partying and to be their photographer for one of the coolest weddings I’ve ever seen. I will post the making of this wedding in the  future showing how all their friends and family came together  and worked side by side to make this awesome wedding happen. There was a lot of partying too and it  was super fun! But back to the wedding day: It was a full day affair, but because all the events happened at Camp Kindle we were able to cover everything.  I had a blast on this getting ready as the grooms have a tradition to showering together!  Well, they invited me in and I couldn’t say no to a wedding party group shower, could I? It was really hilarious!

The camp was beautiful and the little rain didn’t spoil the first look.  It worth mentioning that I was reluctant to do a first look in the rain. Most brides don’t want to get wet for the ceremony. But Shay wasn’t an average bride, she was  trooper and said: “I don’t care if I get wet before the ceremony, I just care to see Travis”. So we did the first look with some light rain and it was the cutest first look ever. Travis’ tears said a lot and warmed my heart for sure. This wedding party was really fun to pose and they were super creative and up to everything. There were so many happy tears and lovely moments during the ceremony. The reception was just a bombastic party where everybody enjoyed and danced their heads off! I can keep talking here, but I really want to show the pictures! Ah, and all proceeds from  beverages consumed during the reception were donated to Camp Kindle to benefit kids battling cancer. So yes this was really a treat!!! A big thank you to my love Al who helped me so much with this wedding. You rock that light stick my darling! Shay and Travis you guys rocked my world and I wish you and your lovely friends and family all the happiness!