Wedding Photography | Kids


Kids dancing are always cute, dresses flowing are visually very interesting to me but the thing I really like about this photo is how intensely she was moving.

The thing about flower girls is : They take their work very seriously when they are older. This little girl was so amazed by the bride. I was awarded 11th place at ISPWP , Summer 2011 humor category for this image.

Such a sweet image of a flower girl sleeping during a ceremony in Italy.

The way toddlers walk the aisle is up to them and it is always fun.

It is hard to make a escape because at the church there is always somebody watching you!

Flower girls during a ceremony in Nova Scotia, CA. This image was awarded 7th place on the Fall contests 2011 PWPC (kids being kids category)

I love the idea of having toys for kids to play with during the reception.


picture of a baby ring bearer being carried down the aisle

Walking the aisle baby way!

black and white picture of a flower girl hanguing upside down

Flower girls how I love when they are playing, or waiting for the formals to be over like this adorable girl.

ring bearer holding his father

Golf balls put this ring bearer on his happy place.

bw photo of a flower girl in a wedding touching her shoes

I don’t know if is her cheeks or if is the way she touches her shoes, there is something about this flower girl that just melts my heart.

Black and white photograph of ring bearer playing on a divice

Is there a popular game or app for ring bearers?

BW awarded wedding picture of a flower girl, ring bearer and bride getting ready behind a screen door

I won a Fearless Award for this picture, it was also awarded at ISPWP and CWPC. One of my favorite kids pictures.

black and white picture of a kid trying to jump in a cooler during a wedding reception.

Cheers to summer weddings, warm days and brilliant ideas!

Such an adorable moment of a flower girl dancing with her dad.

By Eunice Montenegro, wedding photographer, Columbus, OH.

Kids are spontaneous and when I’m shooting weddings as primary or second shooter  I always like to capture them as they are.  I love when they rock the dance floor or when they decide to use the a cooler as a swimming pool. Kids sometimes have a job during weddings, they hold flowers and rings and they do it very well. They also make faces,  laugh and have tantrums. Kids, specially little ones, have the power of doing whatever they want and still please the crowd. That would be a power I would like to have for sure! I adore when I spot  kids having fun as they play games on their multiples devices,  dance with their moms or dads or just hang upside down. There is so much going on and I am  happy to select good frames, good exposures, good angles to document those moments for my clients. I want them to be meaningful and captured in the best of my capacities so my brides and grooms can have those precious memories. They will also get the posed pictures during the family formals, some more portraits perhaps during the getting ready if we have time, but the majority of my clients prefer candid photos of their kids and guests.

If you are thinking about having ring bearers and flower girls on your wedding, you should choose older girls and boys if you don’t want any surprises! If you are an adventurous bride who likes funny moments go ahead, find some toddlers to walk that aisle. But have in mind they will do what they please and may not even want to show up. For the brides and grooms who want to have some control on how kids walk down the aisle I would suggest getting the older flower girls or ring bearers to guide the little ones. It usually works. But the best is to be cool with whatever goes on because that is what will make your wedding unique!

I hope you enjoyed seeing these cute kid moments as much I enjoyed photographing them! Thank you for stopping by and feel free to share this post!