Trish & Ryan – Part 2


PHOTOGRAPHERS (day after session): Eunice & Christina

Photographing Trish & Ryan’s wedding was truly a team effort. Laura and Julie spent last weekend photographing their fabulous wedding in a pure photojournalism style – no posing, no directions, just documenting moments as they happened. The next day Trish & Ryan donned their wedding attire once more and we had a truly phenominal day-after session in the best light imaginable. To make things even more spectacular, Trish actually ran in the ocean and splashed around for pictures, just as the light reached its most perfect sunset colours. Wow!!! We have never been so impressed with anyone ever! If you live on the west coast you know how cold the ocean is! Trish, you are truly someone to admire!! These two posed like rock stars and it was amazing to be a part of their day. Thanks again Trish & Ryan for including our team for your wedding and congratulations once again!! This is an early sneak peek and we’re spreading the pics over two blog posts – one for the wedding and the other for the day after session.

P.S. If you love the way these photos look, consider having your own wedding photos done during peak “warm” light – this may mean skipping the usual afternoon portraits and then sneaking out of your reception for an hour to do some fun relaxed pictures in nice light. Another thought? Why not book a day after session for yourself! 🙂