First Look | Wedding Photos


It is fun to see the reactions, better if there is a reflection of them on a beautiful fireplace!

Tada! Gorgeous bride!

Lovely happy couple to be!

Stairs are a good option for first look shots!

Choose places with nice backgrounds and good light! Two stunning brides on their first look moment! Couldn’t be prettier!

Beautiful moment in a destination wedding!

By Eunice Montenegro, wedding photographer, Columbus, Ohio.

What is a first look?

First look is when the couple getting married decides to see each other with all their wedding attire before the ceremony. Those moments can be precious and it is always fun to have a bit more time to photograph portraits. It is cute to see their faces as they look at each other for the first time. The ideal way to capture those moments is to be organized and try to make the encounter in a nice place with good light. I love to capture the expectation and to document the lovely way my couples interact.